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Nordic, Baltic and US representatives agree to strengthen transatlantic relationship

Created: 2017.12.14 / Updated: 2017.12.14 11:51
    Nordic, Baltic and US representatives agree to strengthen transatlantic relationship

    On 13 December in Washington, D.C., the Political Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Asta Skaisgirytė discussed strengthening transatlantic cooperation, international and regional security. She participated in the Political Directors’ Meeting of Foreign Ministries in the framework of the Enhanced Partnership in Northern Europe (e-PINE), as well as the Baltic-Nordic-U.S. defence policy dialogue.

    Representatives of the United States of America, Nordic and Baltic countries (NB8) discussed prospects of transatlantic cooperation and security policy, the Baltic region’s energy independence and key joint projects for the future, hybrid threats and the fight against the dissemination of disinformation, as well as relations with Russia, the Eastern Neighbourhood, and the fight against terrorism.

    “The U.S. is Lithuania’s strategic partner, so we seek to expand the U.S. cooperation with the Nordic and Baltic countries, when strengthening the transatlantic link that is a key contribution to our region’s security,” said the Political Director, who emphasized the importance of the versatile Nordic-Baltic-U.S. cooperation.

    The interlocutors also discussed the importance of a strong and coherent policy in relations with Russia, laying emphasis on the significance of transatlantic coordination and maintaining sanctions, as well as restrictive measures. They agreed that it was important to continue to insist that Russia should adhere to the agreed international rules and principles. The Political Director Skaisgirytė also said that democratic countries should consistently strengthen their support for Russian democracy and civil society.

    E-PINE is a mechanism of cooperation among the U.S., Nordic and Baltic countries (NB8). It was officially initiated in Washington, D.C., in 2003.


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