Chancellor of the Ministry

Chancellor of the Ministry*

Laimonas Talat-Kelpša

Date of Birth

4th of November, 1977

Marital status




1998 – 2000 M.A. in Comparative Politics, Institute of International Relations and Political Science, University of Vilnius
1995 – 1998 Courses under ERASMUS / SOCRATES Student Exchange Programme, Department of Political Science, University of Oslo

1994 – 1998

B.A. in Political Science, Institute of International Relations and Political Science, University of Vilnius



2019 Chancellor of the Ministry*
2018 – 2019 Ambassador-at-Large, Political Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2013 – 2018 Ambassador of Lithuania in the Republic of India
2013 January - 2013 April Ambassador-at-Large, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Pacific Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2011 – 2012 Adviser to the Prime Minister
2009 – 2011 Minister Plenipotentiary, Lithuanian Embassy in Georgia
2006 – 2009 Secretary for Eastern Neighbourhood and Development Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2004 – 2006 Director General, Policy Analysis and Planning Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2003 – 2004 Head of Policy Analysis and Planning Unit, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2001 – 2003 Assistant Foreign Policy Adviser, Office of the President

1998 – 2001

Assistant to the National Security and Foreign Policy Advisor, Office of the President




Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary



2012 Georgian Order of Honour
2004 Lithuania NATO Accession Medal by the Lithuanian Ministry of Defence
2003 Lithuania NATO Invitation Award by the President of Lithuania

1996 – 1997

President of Lithuania Scholarship in Political Science


2005 Building an Effective Crisis Management System in Lithuania, in ‘Value Complexity in Crisis Management: The Lithuanian Transition,’ Stephanie Buus, Lindy M. Newlove and Eric K. Stern (eds.), CRISMART series Vol. 18, Stockholm (CRISMART)
2004 President and Government, in ‘Political System of Lithuania,’ A.Krupavicius and A.Lukosaitis (eds.), Vilnius
2003 Integrating Civil Society Inputs into Strategic Thinking and Policy Making: The Lithuanian Experience, in ‘Thinking the Unthinkable: From Thought to Policy: The Role of Think Tanks in Shaping Government Strategy. Experiences from Central and Easter Europe,’ Bratislava (UNDP)
2001 Presidency and Democratic Consolidation, in Journal of Baltic Studies, Vol. XXXII, No.2
1999 Political Decision Making: Division of Authority within Government, in ‘Lithuania: From Transition to Convergence,’ Vilnius
1998 President and Legislation: the Use of the Veto Right in Lithuania, in ‘Politologija’ journal of political science
1997 President and Parliament: Implications for Political Stability, in ‘Politologija’ journal of political science
1996-1997 Cooperation with the ‘Atgimimas’ weekly
1996 Towards Semi-Presidentialism, in ‘Politologija’ journal of political science


Lithuanian (native tongue)
English (excellent)
Russian (excellent)

* The title of Chancellor equals to that of Permanent Secretary under the British system, Cabinet Secretary under the Swedish system and Secretary to the Government in some Asian countries


Neris Germanas



Dalius Čekuolis



Albinas Zananavičius


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