Created: 2014.01.27 / Updated: 2017.07.26 10:12

Accreditation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania (MFA) is provided for a term up to one year.

In order to receive an accreditation a foreign journalist shall personally or by post address a diplomatic mission or a consular post of the Republic of Lithuania. If there is no diplomatic mission or consular post of the Republic of Lithuania in the country of residence or if a foreign journalist resides in Lithuania, he or she shall address the Public Information Division of the MFA in person, by post or via an e-mail [email protected].

In order to receive the accreditation a foreign journalist submits:

  1. a request for accreditation printed on an original blank of a represented media organisation signed by its head. A freelance journalist shall sign the request for accreditation himself or herself. The request should be dated and contain the information about a character, topics and fields of activity of the media organisation, a desired period for accreditation and a place of residence of a foreign journalist;
  2. a filled-in accreditation form;
  3. a copy of a passport or other valid travel document;
  4. a copy of a national press card issued by a national journalist union and/or the represented foreign media organisation;
  5. photographs (2,5x3,0 cm) of the present age of the applicant. The photograph should be a *.jpeg file not larger than 1 MB. Photograph should be sent by e-mail;
  6. an expired previous MFA accreditation card if a foreign journalist had been accredited by the MFA before.

All the documents should be submitted in Lithuanian or English. If the language of the provided documents is other please provide a Lithuanian or English translation certified according to the laws.

The Public Information Division makes a decision regarding the accreditation of a foreign journalist within 30 working days after receiving all the documents specified above.

Legal Acts:

Procedure for Accreditation of Journalists of Foreign States to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania, No V-49 of 18 February 2013


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