Believe in Freedom. 11 March, 1990

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We Believe in Freedom. We always did. For centuries from the beginning of Lithuanian statehood to the present day.

Having restored Lithuania's independence 25 years ago two out of three Lithuanians personally remember that thirst for freedom and how comforting the first gulps were. We remember how good it felt to return to Europe, to be back home where freedom is an underlying value.

11th March 1990 was the day when Lithuanians became free to choose, to grow, to be themselves. And we try to do our best.

25 years on, we are in the middle of Europe. Not only in terms of geography, which by the way is true, but also as a proud member of the European Union and, from 2015, also as a member of its core, the Eurozone. Our euro coins, spreading throughout Europe the image of the Lithuanian knight, the Chaser (Vytis), also spread the word Freedom, inscribed on their edge alongside Unity and Well-being.

Together with NATO allies, we safeguard the freedom and security of the North Atlantic area.

We cherish our freedom but we also care much about everyone's right to be free. This year we pursue it at the UN Security Council holding a non-permanent seat. Because We Believe in Freedom.

The Path towards Independence

On March 11, 1990, one of the most important events in modern Lithuanian history, the Supreme Council of the Republic of Lithuania adopted an Act on the Restoration of the Independent State of Lithuania, after five decades of occupation by the Soviet Union.

> Timeline
> 11 March 1990 in the Evolution of the Statehood of Lithuania

Photo Gallery

“I immersed myself into Sąjūdis (the Reform Movement of Lithuania), which began in June 1988. I tried not to miss any larger event and was always actively photographing them. I was not a representative of the official media, so no accreditation was authorized for me. I was seldom present at closed events. However, I was most of all interested not in this. Back then and even today I still think that the strongest force driving this unique movement belonged not to its leaders, but rather to the Lithuanian people who so unanimously participated in it en masse. Therefore, I most often tried to capture their mood, faces radiating surprise, determination, hope, joy...”

> To Freedom, an exhibition by V.Daraškevičius

“No, My Friends, We Won’t Go Slow”

The restoration of Lithuania’s independence in the pages of the world press in 1990.

> Virtual exhibition

Little Time - Big Results

It is 25 years since Lithuania regained the independence and declared its return „back to Europe“. Now this motto is being crowned with the consistent economic growth, investor friendly and innovative business environment, the euro adoption, LNG terminal in Klaipėda, the first gas infrastructure object that strengthens energy security in Lithuania.

> Euro
> LNG Terminal
> Lasers
> Robotics
> Economics

Lithuania’s Freedom Celebrated Worldwide

25th anniversary of the Restoration of Lithuania's Independence was celebrated all over the world. Concerts, exhibitions, conferences, movie screenings and other events were organized by the Lithuanian embassies and consulates in Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, China, Croatia, Estonia, France, Georgia, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Luxembourg, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Ukraine.

> Photos

7,000 participants from 60 countries compete to win a trip to Lithuania

A participant from Georgia, Nata Aspanidze is the winner of the main prize - a trip for two to Lithuania - of the quiz, which marked the 25th anniversary of the Restoration of Lithuania’s Independence. Special prizes will be delivered to the winners of the quiz in different countries.

Participants from 60 countries took the quiz consisting of 11 questions about Lithuanian history, culture, economy, activities in international organisations. Over 7,000 participants had an opportunity to answer the questions in English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Polish.

> List of special prize winners

Photography and Video Competition “I Take Photographs/Film Freedom”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania and the Lithuanian School Students’ Union announce a photography and video competition on the occasion of the upcoming 25th anniversary of the restoration of Lithuania’s independence.

What does the freedom of Lithuania mean for young people born after 11 March 1991? Photographs and videos by school students capture this.

> Competition

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