Important information regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Created: 2020.02.28 / Updated: 2021.05.05 08:51

Due to the global spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, state of quarantine in the entire territory of Lithuania is in effect until 31 May 2021, 24:00.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly recommends against all unneccessary travel to Lithuania and abroad. Information on travel restrictions abroad and travel recommendations:

COVID-19 Hotline in Lithuania     1808   |   Most important information regarding COVID-19 in Lithuania:

National Public Health Center under the Ministry of Health hotline (Working hours: I–IV 8:00–17:00 hs, V 8:00–15:45 hs; weekends – 8:00–17:00 hs) : +370 5 264 9676 or [email protected]

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Registration upon arrival

All persons, arriving to Lithuania by all means of transport, including by car, are obligated to register with the National Public Health Center not earlier than 48 hours before their arrival to Lithuania. If using air or sea transport, persons will be asked to show a proof of registration before the begining of their trip.

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Arriving from affected countries

  • All persons, arriving to Lithuania from abroad, have to self-isolate for 10 days and follow mandatory isolation regulations (with a possibility of shortening the isolation time by taking a coronavirus test at their own expense on the 7th day of isolation)
  • All persons, older than 16 years old, have to provide a negative result of COVID-19 (PCR or antigen) test taken within 72 hours before the entry to Lithuania
  • Persons, arriving by personal transport, can take the test in Lithuania in 24 hours from their arrival:

Even in case of negative test result, self-isolation is mandatory.

Travellers who qualify for self-isolation exemption should provide documented evidence for exemption upon filling the NPHC registration form. In the case where these documents are presented at an airport or seaport, the self-isolation exemption will be applied immediately.

Persons, arriving from countries with fast-spreading virus mutations will be subject to different isolation requirements.

More information about restrictions related to quarantine in Lithuania:



Persons who already had the virus or have been vaccinated following the full vaccination schedule will not be required to test or self-isolate provided they have a medical certificate or vaccination certificate (in one of the official languages of European Union) confirming that they had the virus within 180 days prior to the entry or their vaccination.

The list of affected countries is drafted based on the official data of the spread of COVID-19 infection and restrictions of movement in Europe by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

More information:; NPHC

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Border questions and transit through the territory of Lithuania

The entry of foreigners into the Republic of Lithuania remains restricted, except for:

  • citizens of and persons lawfully residing in the countries of the European Economic Area, the Swiss Confederation, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Principality of Andorra, the Principality of Monaco, the Republic of San Marino and the Holy See (Vatican City State); a negative test result upon arrival and self-isolation of 10 days is required upon arrival from abroad (additional requirements for arrivals from countries with coronavirus mutations);
  • foreigners who hold a document confirming their right to reside in the Republic of Lithuania, or in whose respect the Migration Department under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania has adopted a decision to issue a document confirming the right to reside in the Republic of Lithuania or has sent a notice to submit, within the set deadline, the original documents and biometric data required for the decision to issue a document confirming the right to reside in the Republic of Lithuania, and foreigners who are family members (spouses or persons with whom a registered partnership agreement has been concluded, children (adopted children), including minor children of spouses or persons with whom a registered partnership agreement has been concluded, parents (adoptive parents) and guardians) of the citizens of the Republic of Lithuania and of the foreigners who hold a document confirming their right to permanent residence in the Republic of Lithuania.
  • more exceptions regarding entry to Lithuania are specified in the Resolution No 1226 Declaring state of national quarantine.
  • All persons, arriving to Lithuania, must register with the National Public Health Center not earlier than 48 hours before their arrival to Lithuania and follow the restrictions of national quarantine.

Crew members of international commercial transportation carriers (all types of vehicles) who plan to stay in Lithuania longer than 72 hours have to present a document (in one of the official languages of the European Union) on their arrival confirming a test for COVID-19 (coronavirus infection) taken within 72 hours at the earliest before the arrival in Lithuania and a negative test result (in case it is not possible to bring the test result upon arrival, they can have the test taken in Lithuania within 24 hours of their arrival).

Requirements for COVID-19 test do not apply to crew members engaged in the carriage of passengers on international routes by all types of vehicles, who return to/ arrive in the Republic of Lithuania on international passenger routes organised and operated by carriers as regular, special and charter services by all types of vehicles.

Crew members employed in companies operating international commercial transportation, or who carry out international commercial transportation by all means of transport are required to self-isolate from the day of arrival in the Republic of Lithuania until the day of departure from its territory, but no longer than 10 days of the return or arrival in Lithuania. An exemption will apply in the case of carriers delivering or picking up cargo without staying in Lithuania, or when transiting through our country. Please also note that carriers are not required to get tested for COVID-19 before or after the arrival in Lithuania. It is notable that family members of carriers are not required to self-isolate, i.e. they do not need to self-isolate together for the specified duration.

Transit through the territory of the Republic of Lithuania is allowed for foreigners in these cases:

  • on their return to their country of residence;
  • in whose respect a reasoned request has been made by a foreign country;
  • using facilitated transit of persons from the territory of the Russian Federation to Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation and backwards (this transit of persons shall be carried out only through Kena railway border checkpoint and Kybartai railway border checkpoint under the conditions laid down by the Minister for Foreign affairs of the Republic of Lithuania).

In case of transit, registration with the National Public Health Center is not required.

More information:; NVSC; Ministry of the Interrior

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