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Foreign Vice-Minister Albinas Zananavičius: Belarusian nuclear power plant poses a security threat and hybrid challenge for the region

Created: 2020.10.07 / Updated: 2020.10.07 19:56

On 6 October, the Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Albinas Zananavičius took part in a virtual discussion on hybrid threats and challenges that was organised by  Germany’s Hanns Seidel Foundation.

“The prevailing concept of energy security mainly covers the issues of supply of oil and gas resources. Meanwhile, a nuclear power plant in the hands of unfriendly countries may pose treats to ecology, public health, and national security,” noted the Foreign Vice-Minister, stressing that nuclear energy should be given more attention in the context of the security environment.

According to the Foreign Vice-Minister, we must be prepared to respond to an entire set of threats posed by this object, including “fake news”, cyber attacks, and attacks on critical infrastructure.

The discussion with German politicians and experts focused on challenges that were becoming more common in Europe’s security environment, as geopolitical pressure was being exerted on countries, making use of the energy sector and countries’ dependence on energy supplies. Thus, the European Union and NATO should strengthen their ability to prevent and deter hybrid threats, which are a reality today, in a coordinated way.

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