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Lithuania’s Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis tells Lithuanian Ambassadors: We need to proactively strengthen Lithuania’s influence

Created: 2021.06.30 / Updated: 2021.07.02 14:46

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Gabrielius Landsbergis virtually held an annual meeting with heads of 62 Lithuanian diplomatic representations, consular posts, and missions to international organisations.

Landsbergis stressed the importance of the work done and evaluated  Lithuania’s diplomacy as an experienced and mature service. Lithuania’s Foreign Minister called on diplomats to be prepared not only to respond to the challenges, but also to act, to propose their own initiatives, to seek new ways of acting, and to strengthen coalitions with partners.

The Foreign Minister and heads of diplomatic missions discussed guidelines for activities and the main projects that were the drivers of change. Landsbergis noted that Lithuania was becoming an important centre of freedom and democracy. “We are and will be the regional centre of democracy to our eastern neighbours. We seek to expand the area of democracy and freedom around the world,” said Lithuania’s Foreign Minister.

Lithuania’s voice should be stronger, when adopting the EU's strategic decisions. The Foreign Minister underscored the importance of the EU's active action in the Eastern Neighbourhood. The security situation in our region remains tense. In this context, the maintenance and strengthening of a sustainable transatlantic relationship is more urgent than ever. Landsbergis also drew considerable attention to the strengthening of strategic partnerships, as well as relations, challenges, and cooperation with the Southern Europen countries.

A policy review is under way with regard to the region of East Asia. The aim is to diversify markets and strengthen relations with these countries. The Embassy in Australia was opened, while offices in South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan will be established. Effective economic diplomacy will remain one of the key priorities of Lithuania's diplomatic service. The crisis has demonstrated once again the need to deepen the strategic diversification of export markets and to step up efforts to strengthen economic representation by diplomatic missions.

The Ambassadors’ discussions on economic diplomacy, economic and transport policy strategy are scheduled for the coming days. Lithuania's coalitional attractiveness will also be discussed. At the end of the week-long online event, a meeting with the Chancellor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Inga Černiuk will be held to discuss changes in the functioning, strengthening and administration of the diplomatic service.

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