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Lithuania's Foreign Minister Landsbergis: Ukraine has won an important victory in the fight for freedom

Created: 2022.06.17 / Updated: 2022.06.17 16:12
    Lithuania's Foreign Minister Landsbergis: Ukraine has won an important victory in the fight for freedom

    Lithuania has consistently advocated for a European perspective to be granted to the eastern partners that had expressed their wish to integrate with the European Union. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania welcomes the European Commission’s opinions on the applications of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova for the EU membership status, which were submitted in record time. This is a historical step not only for our eastern partners, but also for the EU.

    “Ukraine has won an important victory in the fight for freedom. The Commission's positive opinion sends a very important signal not only to the people of Ukraine, who are sacrificing their lives for their country, the European security and our common values, but also to the aggressor - Russia - that its imperialist, revanchist policy towards its neighbouring countries is condemned to fail," the Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said. "Ukraine has already demonstrated a firm self-determination to move forward on the path of its European and Euro-Atlantic integration. Ukraine and other associated eastern partners, Moldova and Georgia, have made significant progress in implementing their Association Agreements with the EU. The EU membership perspective will be a very important additional stimulus for these countries to continue on their path of reform and will help to consolidate the efforts of the political elite and the people to achieve this goal.”

    According to the Foreign Minister, Lithuania expects that the European Council meeting next week will adopt a historical and geopolitical decision opening EU door to Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia, and consolidating their status as the EU candidate countries, taking into account the recommendations of the Commission. Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia submitted their applications to join the EU amid Russia’s war against Ukraine, thus clearly demonstrating their political will and choice to live in a free, peaceful and prosperous world. Lithuania supports this choice, because a decision that does not correspond to the current geopolitical situation would only provide a chance for the aggressor to come and create its own reality.

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