Previous Conferences

Sukurta 2020.01.13 / Atnaujinta 2020.01.29 10:29

Previous Ukraine conferences in London, Copenhagen and Toronto, 2017, 2018 and 2019 respectively, created a platform for international community to ensure its support for the Ukraine’s reform process as well as to build a long-term dialogue over the maintenance and sustainability of the ongoing ambitious reform implementation process. At the same time, conferences confirmed that with the aim to maintain strong support of the international community for the reforms process, including coordination and unlocking of financial assistance, it is important to ensure regular up-date from the Ukrainian Government and Verkhovna Rada on implementation of objectives agreed and convincing message on irrevocable dedication to continue with reforms.

URC2020 will continue the dialogue established by previous reforms simultaneously maintaining focus on sustainability of the reform process beyond 2020 as well as promotion of the civil society dialogue with the new administration as continuation of previous activities before conferences in Copenhagen and Toronto.


URC 2017 London

URC 2018 Copenhagen

URC 2019 Toronto